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    Grant Applications: What you need to know In 2015, Destination Erie: A Regional Vision was released. This comprehensive plan for Erie County includes 42 recommendations that address areas of importance identified by over 3,500 Erie County residents during the planning process. These recommendations address: Does your project align with the Emerge 2040 / Destination Erie recommendations to create a more prosperous and resilient region? Referencing Erie County’s regional plan for sustainability may strengthen your application and increase the chance that your project will be funded! Emerge 2040, a public/private partnership, was created after the Destination Erie plan to increase the awareness and understanding of the community’s agenda for a prosperous and resilient Erie region and to guide the implementation of the plan. First, identify ways in which your project aligns with the goals outlined in Destination Erie. (Please contact us if you have questions about the goals or recommendations). Running clinics range from two hours to a full day, and take place on site at the client’s convenience, with typically one coach per five runners. Our most popular clinic is an introduction to running, focusing on form and technique; the typical agenda would be I was lucky enough to enjoy a running session with Dylan this summer and learned more in one hour than I have in over a year of running! Dylan takes the time to find out exactly what skills you’d like to focus on and tailors the session accordingly. We focused on technical downhill trail sections, starting with learning the techniques and then applying them to increasingly difficult sections of trail. I’m known to panic when I’m taken beyond my comfort zone, but with great coaching and encouragement, I learned that I’m much more capable than I first thought and finished the session with a new-found confidence in my running abilities. As well as focusing on your specific goals for the session, Dylan has great advice to share on running posture, nutrition and training. With great stories and words of wisdom from his running background as well as fun features to tackle on the Squamish trails, there was never a dull moment!

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    I can’t believe how much I have thrown/given away, I can’t believe how much stuff is left to pack after that, and I don’t know what people do when they have to pack up an apartment (much less a ! I’m going through the inevitable retrospective of my life as I come across a photo booth film strip with an ex-boyfriend, all of my pictures from my theatrical adventures in college, and little tidbits I’ve saved from various events, dates, jobs, etc. This New York Times article about the Japanese home-organizing sensation, Marie Kondo, has been making the blog rounds, and I can’t deny it popped up in my feed in a pretty timely manner. I’ve been thinking about her advice as I sort through each and every item I own: does it spark joy? I’ve also been working under a small grey cloud of anxiety– what if Alberto hates all my things? Not only the sheer amount of them, but the things themselves? What if he dislikes the knick knacks that I delight in (I don’t have very many, and they’re well curated, but he doesn’t have any knick knacks at all). What if he thinks it’s ridiculous how I’m holding on to my DVD collection, even though I don’t currently own a DVD player, or a computer that can play them? What if my beloved pictures are relegated to storage? I wonder what he’ll think when I pull this picture of a baby bear out of a box and ask where he thinks it should hang. Estimating the number of species that have ever existed on Earth is difficult, but I went with the even number of 4 billion, as determined by experts: Has the Earth’s sixth mass extinction already arrived? As far as the number of species that exist today, that is also a tricky number to determine. Many estimate 8.7 million (NY Times) The “asteroid” shown in the beginning is actually Hyperion, one of Saturn’s moon (which is 1.2 billion km from Earth). The images were captured by the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft (Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech) and you can explore thousands of images taken by the spacecraft.

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